Honest Review of VideoBlocks in 2016

As a hobby composer who uploads videos to Youtube, I am often wondering what the visuals in my videos should be. Previously I had looked at websites offering royalty-free stock footage, but I did not like the idea of paying for each clip I was going to use. Then I discovered VideoBlocks (get 90% off by using my referral link) and their unlimited subscription model. In this article I will give my honest review of their service. All the videos in this article use footage from VideoBlocks.

What is VideoBlocks?

According to their website, VideoBlocks has over “115,000 studio quality HD videos, After Effects templates, motion backgrounds and more.” Instead of paying for each clip you want, you pay a monthly or annual fee to gain access to their whole library. Their library is updated with new content twice every month.

The content is divided into three main categories: Footage, Backgrounds and After Effects. These three categories are again divided into multiple categories, for example AerialNature and People.

How good is the quality of VideoBlocks’ content?

I am personally very happy with the quality of the video clips offered by VideoBlocks. When you are going to download a clip, you choose the format you want. The standard is that you can choose between a MP4-file and a MOV-file, but many of the clips are available in 4K as well if you pay for their premium subscription.

There’s no doubt that their library contains a lot of really professional content. However, if you for instance sort the results by Undiscovered, you may also find footage that looks more like something everyone with a descent camera could capture (everything is in HD though). Considering their massive library, this is very understandable and may also be a good thing – you don’t always want content with that really professional look for your projects.

Most of the clips in VideoBlocks’ library are 5-30 seconds long, but you may occasionally find clips that are longer as well. I think it would have been great if it was possible to sort the search results by the length of the clips. It would also be fantastic if VideoBlocks uploaded footage that were a few minutes long (especially when it comes to nature videos).

Satisfied? Yes.

VideoBlocks – Support Team

I have been in touch with the support team at VideoBlocks a few times and my experiences with them have been great. The reasons I have contacted them have been that third-parties have a few times automatically claimed the visual content in the videos (content ID).

Their claims were obviously false and they were removed quickly after I contacted VideoBlocks. They have also whitelisted my channel so hopefully these claims will not show up again on future videos.

Satisfied? Yes.

Do I recommend VideoBlocks?

I absolutely recommend VideoBlocks to everyone who is looking for a cheap alternative when it comes to royalty-free stock footage. To be honest, I was very surprised after I signed up – I did not expect that much great content for that price. For more information, visit VideoBlocks. If you decide to purchase a subscription from VideoBlocks, make sure to use my referral link to get 90% off.

Note: this article was written in 2015, but I still have the same opinion about the service in 2016 (I really like it). I therefore changed the title. Good luck with your projects!