Can I use your music in a commercial project?

That depends on your project and what music piece(s) you want to use. Please contact me and you will get a reply with more information.

Can I use your music in a non-commercial project?

My music can be used for free in non-commercial projects, as long as I am clearly credited with a link to either my website or one of my YouTube channels. Please note that your video may be claimed on YouTube by AdRev if you use my music. This means that your video will be viewable to everyone, but AdRev will turn on ads and collect advertising revenue from the video. You don’t have to do anything when you get a claim and the claim does not affect your account standing. You will not get a copyright strike.

I need music for a commercial project very quickly. Do you have any immediate licensing options?

Yes, I have a small selection of music available on AudioJungle that can be instantly licensed for your project.

The music I want to use is not available on AudioJungle. What do I do?

Please contact me.

Can I reupload your music to my own music channel on YouTube?

No, I am sorry. My music can in general not be used in projects where the main or only focus is the music (reuploading my music to YouTube, selling my music etc.). Examples of uses that may be allowed are guided meditations, short films, background music in your own videos, games, movies and more. Feel free to contact me if you are not sure.

Where can I purchase your music for personal use?

Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play are the most popular platforms where my music is available (the names are clickable links).

Do you sell CDs of your music?

No, my music is currently only available as digital downloads.