Goal: Learn 3D Animation with Blender

I love to learn new things and I love to challenge myself, so I have recently decided to learn 3D animation. In order to do this I will use the open source software Blender. Exciting!

Why do I want to learn 3D animation?

There are several reasons that I want to learn 3D animation. One of the reasons is that I currently have two YouTube-channels aimed towards children and I would like to improve the quality of the animation in the videos. I have already made some animations on Underholdning For Barn, but these have been made by moving images and the camera around. I think the videos work well, but this technique makes it very difficult to for instance move the arm of a character.

I am very inspired by the wonderful animations made by Little Baby Bum and I would love to make animations in a similar style. However, their videos are really professional and I am sure my animations will be much less professional and simple. I will do my best!

How will I learn to make animations with Blender?

I will start to learn Blender by watching tutorials on Youtube. Luckily there are plenty of good tutorials there, so I am sure I will learn a lot from them. After this I will try to make some simple 3D-models of landscapes, scenes and characters. I would really love to make a few main characters that will be the featured in most of the videos.

This will be a side project because I already have a lot of other things I am working on. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to jumping into Blender and learning how everything works!

I will publish updates about this project in the future and hopefully I have made some progress then!

I love Little Baby Bum’s productions – both the music and the animations are always wonderful.

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