Good day!

My name is Peder B. Helland (Peder Bjærum Helland) and I am a Norwegian hobby composer. I was born the 17th of May, 1995, in the Norwegian city Trondheim but my family moved to a municipality close to Oslo when I was 4 years old. I am currently studying physics at the University of Oslo.Peder

I love to create things and I am always working on several projects. I think YouTube is a great platform and I actually have around 10 channels there. Here’s a presentation of my main projects:



Original music

I love music and I particularly love to compose my own music. My two main instruments are piano and trombone, and I also like to sing.

I consider Peder B. Helland – Composer to be my main channel and on this channel I share original music in many different genres, such as Celtic music, horror music, emotional music, inspirational music, relaxing music, electronic music and more.

On Soothing Relaxation I mostly share original music that I categorize as relaxing, inspirational or emotional.

Dark Music World is a channel dedicated to dark music and horror music that I have composed.

Cover songs

From time to time I create my own cover versions of songs and pieces. This is sometimes songs and sometimes instrumental pieces from for instance film scores.

Learn Norwegian Naturally

I have other interests besides music and languages is one of them. I am very fascinated by languages and in 2013 I decided to create a Youtube-channel about my native language: Norwegian.

Children songs and animations

I love recording nursery rhymes and making animations to go along with the music. I upload my work on two different channels (one in Norwegian and one in English).

Stop-motion videos

One of my first channels on Youtube was a channel I created together with my little brother. On this channel we made and shared stop-motion videos with Legos. This channel is currently inactive, but I would love to revive it in the future. The only “problem” is that videos like these are incredibly time-consuming to make and I tend to prioritize my other projects when I have some spare-time.

  • I used to make stop-motion videos with my brother on Legoman1705.

Royalty-free sound effects

After buying a proper microphone for my music, I was inspired to build a library of sound effects myself. This project is currently in its early stages and my public library is quite small at the moment. Feel free to have a look if you want free sound effects for your project!

Videos starring my dogs