Jim - Animation Character
It’s now been quite some time since I published the post called «Goal: Learn 3D Animation with Blender» and I am happy to share an update on the project. I spent several hours practicing Blender the first week after the post and I definitely feel that I learned a lot. Unfortunately […]

Update #1: Learn 3D Animation with Blender

Epic 2
I love to learn new things and I love to challenge myself, so I have recently decided to learn 3D animation. In order to do this I will use the open source software Blender. Exciting! Why do I want to learn 3D animation? There are several reasons that I want […]

Goal: Learn 3D Animation with Blender

Eagle 1
As a hobby composer who uploads videos to Youtube, I am often wondering what the visuals in my videos should be. Previously I had looked at websites offering royalty-free stock footage, but I did not like the idea of paying for each clip I was going to use. Then I discovered […]

Honest Review of VideoBlocks in 2016